"We do not acquire language by producing it; only by understanding it." -Dr. Stephen Krashen.

Spanish Immersion

Summer Camp 2022

We design culturally-rich immersion sessions that focus on important cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. We put special emphasis on the valuable cultural legacy of Pre-Columbian societies as well as traditions, festivities, art and daily life to provide students with a real and authentic Spanish language acquisition experience.

Cultural Immersion sessions provide kids with optimal and rich input through illustrated stories, authentic materials and hands-on. Input is made comprehensible through drawings, gestures, realia and repetition.

We want to inspire our young students through the culture of the Spanish speaking world and cultivate some appreciation for the language and its people.

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For ages 5 – 9
Full Spanish Immersion
Compelling and Rich Input through:
Authentic Compelling Illustrated Stories, Culture, Music, Outdoor Activities, Cooking, Arts & Crafts!
Virtual Trips to Spanish Speaking Landmarks.

9:00AM – 12:00PM
Monday – Friday

Full program available before the season starts.
Snacks will be provided at 10:30.
1 week $
360 (15 HOURS)
Full Season $1,080.
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