"We do not acquire language by producing it; only by understanding it." -Dr. Stephen Krashen.

El Hombre Alado.

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This story was influenced by the author’s personal experience when she left Caracas Venezuela to travel to the Amazon to learn about the culture of the Yanomami Tribe who have lived the same way for thousands of years in the Amazon jungle. The book’s inspiration is from the story of the tribe’s genesis where the first man arrived to the world through the pregnant knee of the shaman. The main character has the capacity to fly under fantastic fascinating circumstances. This adventure story will transport you to life in the wild of the Amazon. The unique glossary will explain the meaning of the spoken words from this isolated Tribe and illustrations are part of the same magic that will transport you to a glimpse of life in the jungle.

Paperback by Constanza Pollier, Chilean writer.

Amazon Rainforest / Culture

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