"We do not acquire language by producing it; only by understanding it." -Dr. Stephen Krashen.

Agus y los monstruos. La criatura.

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Hello! I'm Agus Pianola! You should already know that with my friends, Lidia and the monsters, we go on all types of adventures. By the way, do you know the story of Dr. Frankenstein? Well, just when Mr. Flat was telling us about it, Dr. Brot heard it and had an idea.... He started to create his own creature to sow evil and chaos everywhere. This poor being received the name of Creature and, although at first he scared us a little, it didn't take long for us to understand that we had to help him. Do you want to know how we did it?

Written by: Jaume Copons

Illustrated by: Liliana Fortuny

Combel Editorial

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