"We do not acquire language by producing it; only by understanding it." -Dr. Stephen Krashen.
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Our Mission

At Cultural Languages Services, LLC our Mission is to inspire and empower people with the acquisition of the Spanish language to gain rich cultural perspectives from Spanish speaking cultures, communicate in Spanish and compete successfully in a globalized world.

Comprehensible Input is the core of our teaching. The goal of every lesson is to promote successful subconscious acquisition by providing Optimal, Rich and Compelling Input.

All sessions are personalized and tailored based on our client’s language proficiency goals and cultural needs. We use Authentic Resources from Latin America and Spain to provide our clients with a real life experience while acquiring the Spanish language.

At Cultural Languages Services we are committed to conducting our business to the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Most of our sessions can be taken In-Person and Online through Zoom. Choose the right session for you!

Let your Cultural Journey Begin!

Our Services

30-minute Online Spanish Sessions

The goal of these sessions is to provide students with rich, compelling and optimal input through authentic illustrated stories from Latin America and Spain. Props, visuals, gestures and lots of repetition are used during the lesson to make the content comprehensible. Sing up today!

Spanish Sessions for Kids in Immersion Spanish Programs

Online & In-person

The goal of these sessions is to support kids during their Spanish language acquisition journey in immersion programs. At the Kindergarten level, we provide students with a strong foundation in phonics and letter recognition so that they are able to start developing reading skills. We also support upper levels with authentic fiction and non-fiction content to develop reading, writing and speaking skills. Sign up today!

Spanish Sessions for Heritage Kids

Online & In-person

These sessions are for students with a Spanish background. We support students to master their speaking, writing and reading skills in Spanish. Sign up today!

Spanish Tutoring

Online & In-person

Do you only need help with certain areas of the Spanish language? Tutoring sessions is the best way to go! We work closely with our clients to provide effective support in specific strands of the Spanish language: Grammar, Speaking, Listening Comprehension and Reading. All areas are taught in context with authentic materials and resources. Sign up today.

Private Spanish for Adults

Online & In-person

A customized curriculum is tailored based on our client’s language proficiency goals and cultural needs. We craft our sessions for all levels of proficiency: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior. Our instruction is personalized and lessons are carefully designed based on Compelling, Interesting and Culturally-rich input. We use several authentic platforms to make the language acquisition journey natural, efficient and fun. Read more. Sign up.

English-Spanish Translation Services

Cultural Languages Services, LLC also specializes in English-Spanish Translation Services. Read more.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I cannot say enough great things about Fabiola at Cultural Languages Services. My daughter is truly loving her immersive Spanish lessons there. In fact, she begs me to go every day, and is so disappointed when it’s not “Spanish Day!” Briggs Rolfsrud.

My girls loved the stories and the art. The activities were meaningful and fun and my girls were able to retell the stories using a lot of Spanish. Sra. Fabiola has a good grasp of language acquisition theory and is very experienced with teaching of kids and adults.” Montserrat Plaia-Rabella.

The kids have been wanting to learn Spanish and Senora Fabiola is amazing! She was very flexible on time to meet and she is local in Burtonsville! She puts so much into it with time/planning and enthusiasm that you can tell she’s doing it because she genuinely loves to do it!” Jennifer Costello.

My son has loved his online lessons with Sra. Rosenberger. He is in a Spanish immersion program, but when the school day went virtual I realized that the kids had little opportunity to speak Spanish anymore in class. With Sra. Rosenberger they read stories (that he really likes) and discuss them all in Spanish. She is excellent at helping him understand new words and concepts and he really enjoys his time with her.” Cecilia Peterson.

Miss Fabiola is amazing. I can’t recommend her more highly. She was so good at adapting her teaching to remote learning, and brings such energy to her sessions. My daughter has a bit of a poker face and doesn’t “give back” a lot during online classes; yet, whenever I walked by, Miss Fabiola was right there, not missing a beat, giving it her all, and making little jokes to make my daughter crack a smile here and there. She’s an unbelievable engaging, creative, excellent Spanish teacher” Julia Marie.

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